Drug and Alcohol policies and testing programs are mandatory in this day and age.  Yet who has time to stay abreast of ongoing regulatory changes and oversee a substance abuse testing program when the daily demands of your business also have to be met?
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~ Drug and Alcohol Program ~
Written Drug and Alcohol Policy
Be Safe LLC can provide you with a written Drug and Alcohol policy through DISA or the Pipeline Testing Consortium.  These policies compliance with all Local, State and Federal requirements will be fully met by the policy.  In addition, when regulatory agencies make changes or additions to requirements, we will send policy updates to ensure your company remains in compliance.
All of our collection personnel are qualified professional collectors.  This means they have been trained to adhere to strict standards regarding specimen collection and handling, passed both a comprehensive examination and a hands-on skills proficiency practicum and completed 50 supervised collections to ensure competency.  This enables you to know that your testing needs are being met in a consistent manner which ensures the confidentiality of the donor, the integrity of the specimen and a minimum number of rejected specimens.  We adhere to the highest standards regarding specimen handling, operational practices, business ethics and collection facilities equipment.

Drug and alcohol testing can be conducted at your offices or one of our collection facilities.  We can meet all your testing needs whether for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion/cause, post-accident, return-to-duty or follow-up reasons.  Since it is impossible to predict when a substance abuse test will be needed, we have collection facilities throughout the United States and our personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After any type of substance abuse test is conducted, we will contact your Drug Employer Representative (DER) within 24 hours if the result is negative.  If the result is positive, we will fulfill all statutory obligations to the donor and notify your DER no later than 24 hours after completing those obligations.  We can provide notification via secure fax transmission, telephone or e-mail.  If you so desire, we will maintain all the records so you don't have to spend your time shuffling through paperwork.  In the event of an audit, we will provide you with a set of well-organized records that fully comply to audit standards.

Be Safe LLC can assist you in meeting all your Drug and Alcohol program needs by providing you with one or all of the following services:

Written Policy  |  Testing Program

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Since every company has different needs, we can design a package of services that meets your requirements and is cost effective.  Be Safe LLC is committed to assisting you with all your Drug and Alcohol policy and testing needs.  Our goal is to provide you with a well organized, easily administered program that meets your requirements and keeps you in compliance with all regulatory agencies.