In the current regulatory environment which governs most industries, it is essential that a company have written policies which outline the programs that must be maintained to remain in compliance.  Be Safe LLC has written policies, all of which comply with the various regulatory agencies, covering a variety of programs.  We stay abreast of regulatory changes at the Federal, State and Local level, update our policies as needed and send revisions to you so your policy manuals remain in compliance.  This allows you to concentrate on running your business instead of spending time tracking down regulatory changes.
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~ Written Policies ~
Policy Manuals
The following is a partial list of policy manuals we have available.  If you need a policy that is not listed, please contact us.  We are continuously adding policies and are happy to develop new ones to meet your requirements.
  • Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Employee Orientation
  • Accident Reporting Kit
  • Compliance Audit Book
  • Implementation Plan

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